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Athletic Therapy

Many people wonder, "exactly what is an athletic therapist?" Athletic therapists (AT's) are versatile practitioners who want to help you function and move as well as possible. AT's work with injury rehabilitation & prevention, supportive taping/bracing, musculoskeletal assessment, manual therapy, first response services, and strength training/conditioning. This combination of modalities makes an athletic therapist the most resourceful therapist that you can see.  


Every case is unique. After an initial assessment is performed, your athletic therapist will build a plan to help you meet your goals and will suggest the modalities required to meet those goals.


Do you have to be an athlete to work
with an Athletic Therapist?

Anybody of any level of fitness can
benefit from Athletic Therapy!



 Athletic Therapy Services Offered at Nostos:

  • Musculoskeletal Assessment

  • Functional Movement Assessment

  • Fitness/Movement Retraining

  • Active Release Techniques

  • Joint Mobilizations

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound

  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

  • Neuromuscular Electrical Nerve Stimulation

  • Cupping

  • Exercise integration 


Josee Ostrosser, Athletic Therapist

Josee cares for and considers your health from a holistic perspective and aims to promote a sense of comfort and inclusion responding to your body needs. She will take the time to uncover your health goals, build a plan to help you achieve them, and create accountability to make these goals a reality.


With this unique approach, not only will she address your aches and pains, but she will consider how you are feeling about these ailments.


"I firmly believe we cannot achieve optimal physical health if we don’t have mental calmness."

Every person deserves to live a pain free life! Movement is the best medicine and the key to all musculoskeletal ailments.  Let's re-define the assumption that pain is inevitable.

Athletic Therapy Assessment 

$ 120 ~ 1 Hour

Move through a series of therapist assisted tests to determine your particular injury or dysfunction. This will include an analysis of your injury and relevant movement patterns.


This session will take one hour and will include your first treatment.

At the end of the assessment, the therapist will make a recommendation for care. Treatment will include a unique combination of manual therapy, special modalities, and/or exercises/movement programs.

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